3 Beautiful Stops On A Holiday In Tunisia

Tunisia is a Western African destination that offers endless miles of gorgeous beaches, incredible archeological sites, dazzling golden Sahara dunes and breathtaking natural sceneries. It may not be an obvious destination on most travelers’ radar but holidays in Tunisia are a gateway to a land of beautiful mosques, ancient Roman ruins and experiencing an exotic rich culture. While Tunisia has numerous beautiful attractions, here are the best three:


Carthage was the capital of the Phoenician government, until its complete destruction in 146 BC. It was a leading commercial power in the western Mediterranean; its sailors sailed around the African continent and discovered the shores of Britain. Its prosperity led to conflict with the other Mediterranean superpower, Rome. As a result, three Punic wars led to total destruction of the once thriving commercial center.

Today, Carthage is a wealthy suburb in the outskirts of Tunis, gardens of red hibiscus and purple bougainvillea blossom around its villas. The ancient ruins lay scattered away in the neighborhood. The city was built on a very strategic location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful sceneries. Here you can discover the ruins which include Brysa Hills, Tophet, and the Roman Baths of Antoninus Pius, Punic Quarter, Roman Amphitheatre and the Punic harbor.


Hammamet is a scenic fishing town in along the shores of the Mediterranean east of Tunis. It is a top beach and resort destination that enchants with its dreamy atmosphere of pristine white buildings set besides the deep blue sea.

Despite it being a popular destination, the small seaside medina retains its charms and offers visitors pretty whitewashed houses, waterfront restaurants, small cafes and fortified Kasbah. Its laid back atmosphere woos visitors to relax on the sun kissed beaches, but it has a whole load of other incredible attractions such as the Old Town, the gorgeous Great Mosque, the picturesque town of Nebeul, the horse shoe shaped ancient town of Kerkouane and the hot springs of Korbous.

Hammamet is a region ripe for exploration and aside from impressive ancient sites it rewards with remarkable scenic beauty.


Djerba is an easy going resort island located off the southern coast of Tunisia. Its perfect Mediterranean climate, superb gently sloping beaches and timeless attractions make it an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the winter and enjoy breathtaking scenes. Although most people come here for the beaches, the island offers incredible attractions such as ancient villages, well reserved fondouks and market towns.

Houmt Souks Old Town is an ideal destination for strolling in Djerba. It is a quaint maze of narrow alleyways made lined up with picturesque whitewashed houses and shops selling colorful ceramics. The shops display traditional handicrafts such as jewelry, textiles, traditional shoes, leather goods and hand-painted pottery. The town has an impressive tiny fishing harbor complete with pastel-colored boats.

For most people, experiencing the desert is part of a holiday in Tunisia, if you do not have a chance to fulfill your dream in the mainland, then, DJerba gives you desert experience at Nefta, which is an offshoot of Sahara.

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