48 Hours in Marrakech

Marrakech is a stunning city full of mosques, gardens, markets, and, of course, delicious food. One could find themselves lost in this city for weeks, months…even years. However, if you are like me, you may find yourself with only a couple days to spare. Here are some of the top ways to get the most out of 48 hours in Marrakech:

  • Explore the Exotic Souks

The souks, or shops, of Marrakech will take you back in time. Smells of leather and spices will fill your nose, and your eyes will be lost in the homemade colorful textiles and fabrics. You can find anything from clothing, and lanterns, to unique spices and medicines.

However, the souks can definitely be chaotic and overwhelming at times. You will find yourself on narrow streets going in all directions. It is almost inevitable you will get a little lost. But, this is all part of the experience. If you’d like to get the most out of your adventure, download a guide to keep handy. Just remember that when downloading files like this, it’s best to install a VPN first.

When shopping be sure to have plenty of dirhams, the currency of Morocco, as some vendors might not take credit/debit cards (using dirhams is also a great way to avoid identity theft). As long as you stay open minded, and embrace the smells, sounds and sights of souks, this can be one of the most unique and exhilarating shopping experiences of your life.

  • Discover the Pungent Tanneries

Within the souks, you may stumble upon a few tanneries (a place where leather is dyed and made into products like purses and shoes). The first thing you will most definitely notice when visiting tanneries is the pungent (slightly offensive) smell that fills your nostrils. Your first reaction may be to run away and hide, but I highly advise you to give these old fashioned tanneries a chance.

Luckily, most tanneries either sell or hand out bunches of mint to smell on your tour, making the odor more bearable. Aside from the awkward aroma, the tanneries are unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Some tanneries are over a thousand years old! I find the tanneries absolutely beautiful in a non-traditional kind of way. A tannery visit, as strange as it sounds, is something you must do when in Marrakech

  • Relax in a Hammam

After a hectic day in the tanneries or souks, you may need some down time. Hammams, or public baths and spas, can be the answer to all of your relaxation needs. However, you did not come all the way to Marrakech for a typical spa day. A day spent in a hammam is far different than the spas you will find at home.

A traditional hammam experience is not for the shy traveler. Women and men are of course separated, but you will find yourself in rooms and baths full of men or women not wearing anything. Most traditional hammams include washing yourself with black soap, enjoying baths of various temperatures, and receiving a full body scrub, by someone that’s often wearing nothing as well.

However, do not fear! Today Marrakech is full of various Hammams that are a little more tourist friendly. It is completely okay to wear a bathing suit, and hotel Hammams also offer other spa treatments or massages to enjoy. Regardless if you decide to go the more traditional route or not, Hammams are a must see experience that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Whether you decide to wander around the souks or relax in a hammam, your 48 hours in Marrakech will leave you with memories that will last you a lifetime. So pack your bags, and get ready to experience one of the most old, vibrant and cultural cities of the world.

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