6 Vital Things To Remember When On Safari

Safari tours are a popular and exciting way to spend a short break. Over the last ten years, safaris have become one of the most popular adventure breaks out there. If animals fascinate you and you love the great outdoors, a safari is the perfect way to spend a few days with friends or family. As you may imagine, going on safari comes with a lot of rules. As with all dangerous activities, these rules are for your safety and seek to protect your needs. Here are six vital things to remember whilst on safari.

1. Don’t Talk Too Loud

The animals you see on safari are likely used to humans roaming around their territory. That is not to say that they won’t be timid around loud noises. If you hope to see many animals, you should do your best to keep quiet. Doing so will mean you have a chance to see many more animals than you would if you were loud. Of course, you can talk while you’re on safari, but try and keep the sound and the tone low.

2. Bring Cameras And Binoculars

Everybody brings cameras when they go on safari. Remember to turn the flash and sound off before you start using your camera. Many people forget to bring binoculars. Some of the animals that you see will be far away. You won’t get great photos of them, but with binoculars, you might get a good glimpse. Namibia safari tours guides say that one of the most-common things people forget on safari is a pair of binoculars.

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3. Don’t Get Out The Vehicle

No matter what you think, you should never get out of the vehicles unless the guide tells you to do so. Many people get over-excited on safari and think that they can get out and roam the land yourself. These animals may look cute, but they are wild. They won’t attack you if you don’t provoke them, but if you start getting in their way they might not like it. Instead, stay in the car at all times.

4. Turn Your Phone To Silent

Again, noise is a genuine problem when you are on safari. If you have a loud ringtone, that could disrupt the animals. You might want your phone on you for protection, but you should turn it to silent mode. Doing so will make sure that you don’t disturb the animals and that everybody is safe during the trip. Make sure everybody in your group does the same. Sometimes people can forget to turn things to silent, and that can cause issues.

5. Respect Your Tour Guide

Your tour guide is there to show you what to do. He or she is there for your safety. Many people don’t respect their tour guide when they go on safari. If you don’t listen to what the guide says, you put yourself and the entire tour in danger. Instead, make sure that you listen to what the guide says and follow his or her instructions at all times.

6. It’s Not A Competition

Safari is not a competition. Maybe you have been on safari many times before and know all there is to know about the experience. There will likely be people in your tour group who have never been on safari. The last thing they want is you bragging about your past adventures. Let people have their moment instead. Everybody goes in safari for the same reason; they want to see magnificent creatures. Don’t ruin the experience for others by trying to compete with them. Instead, you should enjoy the current experience and share in the wonderful sights with them.

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