Amazing Beach Holidays in Africa

Africa is a glorious and diverse continent with plenty to offer the visitor. There is something very special about this largely unspoilt place, and the sheer difference in culture between many of the countries is amazing to experience. Of course, much of the diversity in African culture comes from the any different countries who have, across the centuries, colonised a lot of African states. This adds to the appeal, and is one of the most charming aspects of travelling through the different locations.

The most popular holidays are African safari vacations, but there is more to this magical place for you to enjoy. For a start, there are many stunning beaches where you can relax and enjoy glorious weather, and we have a found a great combined safari and beach package, from the leading name in the business Africa4US. With many tours to choose from, Africa4US boasts unrivalled knowledge of the best places to visit, and you will be joining a long list of satisfied travellers when you take one of their tours.

Kenya and Tanzania

The Kenya and Tanzania safari and beach combination is an excellent choice if you want to experience the wilds of the bush, with its exotic animals and wonderful unspoilt landscapes, and also spend time relaxing on some of the most glorious beaches anywhere in the world. You will camp out in the wild for the very best experience of natural Africa, and you will be accompanied by an expert team who will help you enjoy the unique sights and sounds to the full.

The amazing National Parks of Africa are true wonders of the world, and you get the chance to experience them with many of the tours at Africa4US. Spot the famous ‘Big Five’ if you are lucky, including the amazing and endangered rhino, or watch in wonder as a pride of lions goes about its business in the wild, a sight never to be forgotten. This is Africa at its wild and wonderful best, and you will never forget the spectacle of nature as it is meant to be.

Stunning Beaches

While Africa is home to some of the most amazing landmarks in the world – your African tour could, for example, take you to the incredible Victoria Falls, the vast Lake Malawi or perhaps the wild and astonishing eco-system of the Serengeti – taking time to relax on the beach is a popular option after the excitement of the safari. There are magnificent beach resorts in Namibia, for example, where you can experience the wonders of the Namib Desert and its towering sand dunes. Then there’s Zanzibar, a beautiful island that is fast becoming one of the most desirable destinations in the world.


For a truly memorable experience, look no further than Zambia. Home to some of the most untouched wilderness on the continent, Zambia is the perfect place for a safari and beach holiday. Here you’ll have a chance to explore vast plains and game-filled bush, as well as Lake Kariba, one of Africa’s great lakes. Take in the amazing wildlife including zebras, hippos and elephants while visiting Kafue National Park or South Luangwa National Park. On top of all this are some stunning beaches at Lake Tanganyika and other coastal locations. Relaxing on these empty stretches of sand will be a welcome break from your intense animal encounters.


Morocco is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a combination of culture, history and stunning scenery. With its unique blend of African, Arab and European influences it offers something quite different from elsewhere in Africa. You can explore the famous souks in Marrakech or take a camel ride across the Sahara desert for an unforgettable experience. For beach holidays there are many choices, from sheltered bays along Morocco’s Mediterranean coast to more remote locations along its Atlantic shores. The coastal towns of Essaouira and Agadir offer plenty of activities too; windsurfing, fishing trips or simply taking in the stunning views.


The West African nation of Senegal has become increasingly popular over recent years as people from around the world seek out its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and rich cultural heritage. From exploring sandy dunes near Dakar to experiencing historic sites such as Goree Island where slaves used to be shipped off centuries ago; Senegal has something for everyone. Spend time relaxing on one of its many beach resorts including Somone or Yoff – offering golden sands backed by palm trees where you can fully unwind after your adventurous safari holiday across Africa. And if you’re feeling more active there’s plenty enough available such as surfing lessons at N’Gor Island or boat tours through mangrove swamps to observe wildlife such as monkeys and crocodiles up close!

Planning an Unforgettable Holiday Experience

As you can see, there are a variety of amazing African destinations to explore for those looking for an unforgettable safari and beach holiday. Whether it’s the Big Five in Zambia or exploring Morocco’s souks, each destination has its own unique beauty that will stay with travellers long after they return home. From stunning beaches in Namibia and Senegal to incredible wildlife experiences found throughout Africa – these countries offer something truly special no matter what type of adventure you seek. So if you’re planning your next vacation, make sure to add one of these wonderful African nations on your list – you won’t regret it!

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