Egyptian Tourism Statistics

Egyptian tourism stats and facts.

Egypt is a country located in the Mediterranean, covering a total area of approximately 332,000 square kilometers (130,000 sq mi). The population of Egypt is about 82 million. It is the land of the Nile River and the delta that divides Africa and Asia. 

In the bronze era, Egypt was ruled by a series of kings who built pyramids, temples, and other monuments. Most of them now become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country has many different interesting things to visit. You just imagine visiting the Pyramids of Giza, seeing the Nile River, visiting the Sphinx, going on camel rides, and exploring the Egyptian Desert.

The economy of Egypt is mainly dependent on the travel and tourism sector. Statistics show that Egypt generates 52,319.519 EGP mn in Jun 2022. It’s a huge improvement from 6,301.275 EGP mn for Mar 2022. 

The data was high at 52,319.519 EGP mn in Jun 2022. The maximum low of 1,527.000 EGP mn in Jun 2002. The average stats show an average of 10,118.550 EGP mn from Sep 2001 to Jun 2022. 

Tourism in Egypt has a leap from $3.80 billion to $13 billion in 2021 from 2013. Let’s have a look at the chart for more details: 

Revenue Of Egypt From 2012 to 2021 in USD Billion

YearRevenue in USD Billion

All the statistical data about Egypt in detail with a number of tourists, receipts, percentage of GNP, and receipts per tourist is listed below.

YearNumber of touristsReceipts (Listed as Billion $US)% of GNPReceipts per tourist
201913.03 m$14.264.70%$1,094
201811.35 m$12.705.10%$1,120
20178.29 m$8.643.70%$1,041
20165.40 m$3.310.99%$612
20159.33 m$6.902.10%$739
20149.88 m$7.982.60%$808
20139.46 m$6.752.30%$713
201211.53 m$10.823.90%$939
20119.85 m$9.334.00%$948
201014.73 m$13.636.20%$925
200912.54 m$11.766.20%$938
200812.84 m$12.107.40%$943
200711.09 m$10.337.90%$931
20069.08 m$8.137.60%$895
20058.61 m$7.218.00%$837
20048.10 m$6.338.00%$781
20036.04 m$4.705.90%$778
20025.19 m$4.134.90%$796
20014.65 m$4.124.30%$886
20005.51 m$4.664.70%$846
19994.80 m$4.364.80%$909
19983.45 m$2.943.50%$852

Why tourists come to visit Egypt? 

Ancient Egypt has become famous for many reasons. Its people had a very advanced culture and were fast movers in ancient times. It is believed that the Egyptians were the first civilization to build pyramids. They also built temples and cities which are still seen today, like Karnak, Luxor, and the Giza pyramids.

What is the best time to visit Egypt? 

Most tourists come to Egypt between September to April of the year. As it’s 96% desert so I highly recommended you not to come in between April to October. The heat is unbearable for usual people from other countries. 

Don’t forget to bring your warm clothes as the temperature change can be 20 degrees Celsius from day to night. 

If you’re lucky then you can experience a little bit of rain. But you don’t need to worry about your raincoat! 

Some final words about Egyptian Tourism Statistics

Due to the covid-19 situation the whole world was in a panic. This situation affects a lot in travel and tourism. As you can see in the previous statistics the economy was downgraded due to the situation. But the world is healing and tourism is roaring back to life.

The world is healing now

People are going outside to travel. Egypt is getting back its life! Hope your next destination is going to be one of the most ancient cities on earth in Egypt.

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