Enjoy an African Road Trip

The magic and mystery of Africa cannot be matched by anywhere else on Earth; this magnificent sprawling continent is home to many magnificent countries, stunning natural features and quite wonderful culture, and is simply inviting you to explore. What is the best way to get to know Africa? By motorcycle, for no other form of transport offers you the chance to be as close to nature as possible, while getting from place to place in an exciting and economical fashion. Africa is a place of many wonders, and is a place you simply must visit.

Until recently, the chance to visit Africa was there only for the very wealthy; nowadays, thanks to the advent of cheap air and boat travel, and to countries building up their tourist infrastructure, many of even the most remote countries on the continent are ripe for visiting, and anyone can plan a road trip in Africa with the help of online advice and tour operators. Doing it by bike, however, has to be the best and most exciting way to explore. So, what do you need to do to make sure your bike is in top condition for your African adventure?

Pre-Trip Maintenance

When travelling long distance, you need to make sure your bike is ready for the job, and this means checking the systems are up to scratch. In particular, we recommend you fit a suitable set of tires; some of the road surfaces in Africa may not be as smooth as you are used to.

Planning for Africa

The only problem with planning an African adventure is choosing where to go; this is a land of magnificent beaches, stunning cities, amazing deserts and vast, sprawling plains where exotic animals go about their business unhindered. Any of the major National Parks is worth a trip – you might even see the Big Five if you are lucky – and for a beach holiday, the wonderfully friendly Mozambique is a must. There is something special about Namibia, too, with it’s incredible desert and towering sand dunes, and the wine districts around the Cape Town region are a must for anyone with an interest in fine wines.

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