Enjoy Modern Treats While Travelling in Africa

It is easy to think that when you go to Africa you will be surrounded by nothing more than nature and wildlife.

While it is true to you will find some of planet Earth’s most amazing sights here, there is a lot more to modern Africa than that. As well as getting your fill of spectacular waterfalls, deserts, jungles and wild animals, you can also enjoy some modern treats along the way. The following are a few of the things you might not expect to come across on your trip.

Big Cities with Modern Comforts  

If you think that Africa is all about small towns and villages then you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Sure, you will probably come across some delightful smaller places as you travel here. However, it is also a continent with some big modern cities too. Cities such as Cairo, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Dakar may surprise you their skylines and with the quality of the hotels and restaurants in them. These places are great for giving you a chance to relax in comfort before heading out again to see some of the natural wonders on display in this continent. Many of the biggest cities have a smart, modern central district surrounded by more traditional areas. This makes it easy to see some of the different parts of Africa in the same city.

Get Hooked Up with Wi-Fi for Games and Entertainment

We are now used to travelling with easy access to Wi-Fi everywhere we go. Yet, for some reason many travellers still think that getting hooked up while in Africa is difficult. The truth is that you can get onto a Wi-Fi network here without too many problems. As with just about anywhere else in the world, good hotels and restaurants will often offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. You will also find that free public Wi-Fi is provided in parts of cities such as Cape Town and Lagos. This means that you can work while you travel or you can relax with some entertainment. For example, this would be a good opportunity to play some games at the likes of the games.williamhill.com site which offers large variety of jungle-like games of Dragon’s Myth, Robin Hood and Mega Moolah – that contains wild African animals or else to catch up with some new music or movie trailers. You can also use this as an easy and free way of staying in touch with your family and friends back home. You are sure to also have a lot of photos of your time here that you want to upload and share.

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Gleaming Shopping Centres

If you are planning on visiting Africa for the very first time then you are probably expecting to see lots of quaint local markets. You will see some of these on your travels but it may be more of a surprise to you when you come across gleaming modern shopping centres as well. You will find excellent places to shop in comfort in South Africa, Egypt and Morocco among other places. You might find that the more traditional markets are more interesting but there could be times when you just want some air conditioning, international fast food and a comfortable cinema.

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