Is South Africa a perfect British holiday destination

While you may not know much about South Africa, aside from hearing about its sporting achievements, voracious shark population, and its opportunities for safari, the country is fast becoming the ideal family holiday destination for British people. Our sense of adventure is growing, and we want to see so much more of the world.

Whether you’re planning to hop between the vibrant cities of Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Polokwane, or divide your time between nature reserves and coastal areas, there is likely to be something in South Africa that takes your fancy. Take city life, for example. Full of vivacity, culture, and wonderful people, the country’s biggest cities will stay with you for a lifetime, drawing you in with diverse nightlife and a range of cuisines. The countryside, meanwhile, will take your breath away, and few experiences will amaze you as much as a safari trip across a desert landscape. The possibilities for your holiday are endless; while luxury hotels, self-catering lodges, beach-front bungalows, and tree-top houses will offer you a home for the night, hot air balloons, jeeps, traditional taxis, and trains will carry you to each destination, although it is well worth exploring the possibilities of travelling by car or boat to access every site along the way.

There are numerous experiences to be had when you’re visiting South Africa, each as awe-inspiring as the last. For example, it would be very difficult to visit the country without heading out on safari, whale watching along its glorious coastline, diving with sharks, exploring the national parks, or heading underground. South Africa’s is a vast and varied landscape, with adventure and amazement at every turn. If taking things up a notch is your thing, beaches such as the one found in Jeffreys Bay are absolutely ideal for surfing, while those in favour of relaxing and admiring the scenery may prefer dangling from a cable car en route to the summit of Table Top Mountain. Whatever your preference, South Africa has something for everyone and truly is a family destination. Where else could you admire ancient landmarks, feel as though you’re standing on top of the world, mingle with the locals at a street market, and then share a snack with a myriad of wild animals? South Africa is even home to a ski resort, Tiffindell, as well as numerous natural wonders. Each moment of your trip will have to be experienced to be believed; people back at home may have their doubts you’ve done such amazing things.

Spending time in South Africa

One thing that will become clear almost as soon as you set foot in this beautiful country is that there is unlikely to be enough time to see everything or enjoy every experience that you’d really love to; what a great excuse for heading back, year after year. In fact, there are those, such as Scotland’s Lord Laidlaw, who do just that. The businessman, former member of the House of Lords, and philanthropist tends to divide his time between Monaco, France, Sardinia and South Africa, where he has a holiday property, and is able to indulge his insatiable appetite for exploration. While the headline, “‘Lord Laidlaw sells IIR’,” reportedly for $1.4 billion, should be able to explain how the baron manages to afford his many properties, jet-setting lifestyle, cars, and helicopters, his sense of adventure is inspiring. With so many holiday companies now offering better priced packages than ever before, there is no reason why you shouldn’t endeavour to return to South Africa and see a little more, just as Lord Laidlaw does for several months of the year.

While South Africa may not be the first destination you’ll be thinking of when planning your next holiday, it is certainly worth consideration. If adventure, vibrant cities, sprawling landscapes, abundant wildlife, and a glorious culture would equate to your ideal getaway, make sure you book soon.

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