Luxury Breaks in a Pacific Island Idyll

Your annual holiday is a time when you get to relax and wind down, taking time away from home and enjoying yourself. For many people, a holiday on a beach in a wonderful exotic resort is the ultimate desire, and it is a holiday that brings plenty of benefits. For others, the chance to explore somewhere new and gain new experiences is not to be missed. Until not so long ago, the most exotic destinations were out of reach of everyone bar the very wealthy. These days, we have cheap and frequent air travel to thank for easy access to the most spectacular of places, so you can choose your destination at will.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy a truly spectacular break, why not check out the available vacation rentals in Maui, one of the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian Islands? This wonderful and very welcoming island – as are all those in this island state of the USA – is located in the wonderful waters of the Pacific Ocean, and offers a real chance to enjoy a genuine tropical idyll. Why do we recommend vacation rentals? There are many reasons, so let’s have a closer look.

Why a Rental?

A hotel holiday is a wonderful experience, and there are some fantastic hotels across Maui that offer the very best service and excellent facilities. You might be used to taking vacations in a hotel, but before you go down that route, allow us to explain why a vacation rental is a better option. To begin with, you get the advantage of complete freedom: your rental is your home from home for the duration of your stay, with magnificent and exciting luxury furnishings and fixtures, and perhaps an outdoor cooking area and a pool. You also get access to the beach, as the majority of the houses and villas on offer are built in prime locations with beach access and, as we know, Hawaiian beaches are among the very best in the world.

Let’s take a look at an example: Turtle Beach Villa is a spectacular house in a stunning location on one of the best beaches in the world. As the name suggests, the beach is often home to local wildlife so is a great place if you are into nature, but it is the accommodation itself that really stands out.

You get luxurious fixtures and furnishings inside and out, with glorious gardens and a sensation private pool. There are no other guests to worry about, and the three bedrooms can sleep up to six people. Your outside cooking area is private and secluded with amazing views across the beach and the ocean, and you can take your time cooking fresh seafood bought from the local market, or any other meal you may desire. This is, of course, just one of the many fine rental properties available, and there are many more.

This is why the rental idea is the best one: you are free to spend your time as you wish, so if you want to take a day lounging by the pool you can, and if you want to explore the island, you are free to come and go at your leisure. Check out the various rentals available – from single-bedroom residences in gated, exclusive communities that are perfect for a private and quiet romantic break, to larger houses suitable for groups – and compare the prices to that of a comparable hotel, and we are sure you will be surprised how cost-effective a rental can be.

More About Maui

There really is so much about Maui that makes it the perfect holiday destination. If lounging on the beach or by the pool all day is your perfect holiday, this is the place to be. Hot days and warm evenings mean you can send the evening cooking the local produce you bought from the local market and eating outdoors, and you and your family can get the best out of your holiday and relax to the extreme.

If you want to sample local cuisine as cooked authentically, check out one of the many fine cafes and restaurants across the island. We recommend Da Kitchen, a fun and quirky place offering a full menu of excellent local cuisine, and we suggest you try the fabulous pork and chicken dishes. You will find the portions easily big enough to share, as you will in most restaurants in Maui, so you can even save money while treating the family to a fantastic meal.

There are plenty of places to eat down little side streets too – ask the locals in Kihei how to find Eskimo Candy for the very best in truly quirky Hawaiian food – so make sure you take local advice on where to go and what to eat. You will find the cuisine here to be greatly palatable, and all the family will enjoy the taste of the local spices and cooking methods.

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a trip to one of the volcanoes; this is a unique experience that all the family will enjoy, and one that you cannot find anywhere else in the world as the volcanoes on Maui are unique in nature.

We guarantee you will be truly captivated by this friendly and wonderful island, so check out the vacation rental options now, and see how you and your family can afford a truly luxurious vacation in an amazing place.

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