Planning Your Next European Trip

The sights and wonders which can be experienced while in Europe can be tailored to suit any individual’s taste. There are numerous remarkable buildings and points of interest scattered across the continent but many can fall into the trap of being clichéd. Sadly, there is even a worst trap to be seen at these attractions. These locations, more often than not, are usually overcrowded with loud and gawking throngs of tourists all jostling for that one ideal selfie location. Since this can be off-putting to the person who is there for the culture and not the bragging rights there are a few alternative options when next visiting the continent.

A great alternative to the generic city experience of Europe is to go off the beaten path and drink in the alpine surroundings provided throughout the continent. One of the best ways to experience this side of Europe is to rent an RV and take either a self- guided or escorted tour. In either case, you will be out and about trekking up those easy to moderate inclines and learning your way around the RV’s air conditioner(s) depending on how effective they are.

The idea of a wildlife safari is typically associated with the plains of Africa, but Europe offers many options to discover some of the northern wildlife. If you happen to be in the Scottish Highlands, for example, there are many remote locations to see and marvel at the migratory and breeding patterns of many animal species. There are rare birds, some whales, seals, and otters among many other species of animals that prefer a colder climate or you can see those who prefer to use Europe as the perfect starting point for a new generation.

Decidedly Back to the City

If traveling via RV is not your ideal cup of tea, and the city has a much greater allure because that lifestyle is more your speed, do not dismay! Not everyone will be very enamored with wildlife or camping and this is quite O.K; to each his/ her own. In the city, there are many themed and walking tours that can link your favorite part of a city to your ideal experience.

A great example of a favorite experience in a new city is the Harry Potter Tour for example. A walking version of this tour can be found in London and it is free to experience for all lovers of the wizarding world. With every free option comes a catch and here is that catch; you have the responsibility of tipping or not tipping the guide based on your perception of performance and how well you enjoyed the tour. On the plus side, since the city of London is quite famous for being wet and having constant rain, regardless of the weather these tours will run. That hereby guarantees that there will be no dull moment or drop in the energy level of your trip just because of a little inclement weather.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

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