Protect Your Mobile when On the Move


Having a mobile phone with you when you go travelling is one of the essentials; you never know when you might need to call someone, and your loved ones will want to keep in touch with you on a regular basis. The only problem is you may be using your phone in places where security is lax; the last thing you want is a phone that is attacked and compromised by a virus. This is why you need a mobile antivirus solution, and there are many excellent free versions on the market.

Personal Info

Whether you are looking for an antivirus for Android mobile or iPhone there are several to choose from, and we recommend you take a look at the specifications of each before you download. Protecting your personal information is essential, and you should always be aware of unsolicited emails and messages, and never open any that you are at all suspicious of. Also, make sure you insert your password or passcode discreetly, as wherever you are in the world there are unscrupulous types who will happily take any opportunity to steal your phone, especially is they are aware of the code that will get them into it.

Using Your Phone

You should try and keep your mobile out of sight unless it is needed, especially in crowded streets or bars, as there will be people looking for targets that offer easy pickings. Try and use it where you are not overlooked – perhaps your hotel room – and make sure it is charged at all times. Check out the various resources for details of the best Android antivirus and give yourself the peace of mind that you are as fully protected as possible, but remember: there is no such thing as 100% protection, so you need to be on your toes at all times, and do everything you can to keep your information safe.

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