The Ultimate Cape Town Checklist

You’re never short of things to do in South Africa, and Cape Town is no exception. The southwestern city is a bustling metropolis for tourists all around the world, with plenty to see and experience. Built right on the edge of the ocean, Cape Town is one of the most captivating cities in the world, entrenched by mountains to the other side. There are few places you’ll visit that have so much to offer in such a small space.

Here are our top picks for things to do in Cape Town.

For the Beach Dweller

No vacation is complete without a stay at the beach, right? Toes in the sand and cocktail in hand; basking in the sun’s rays. Forget everything you’ve ever learned about a beach retreat. Cape Town’s Boulders Beach tears up the entire rulebook. It’s home to a colony of African penguins. Yes, penguins. On a beach. Those little critters rule the roost on Boulders Beach, making the most of the natural vegetation in the area. It’s quite a sight to behold, and definitely worthy of your bucket list.

An aerial view of an island with blue waters and a mainland in the background.
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For the Historian

There are hundreds of people that plan their vacations around the historical sights and sounds of a country. South Africa and, by default, Cape Town is not one to overlook. A trip out to Robben Island is sure to send any history buff giddy. Now home to a museum, the island used to boast the prison best known for housing Nelson Mandela. To get to the island, you’ll have to take a ferry across the gorgeous ocean. The tours are frequently fronted by former political prisoners that willingly share their stories. It really is something unlike anything else you can imagine. This website about South Africa will keep you up to date with the politics of Cape Town, so you know what to look out for.

For the Nature Enthusiast

Cape Town is home to some of the world’s finest nature, not least among them being the Kirstenbosch Gardens. It’s just a short walk from the city center and covers 90 acres with an abundance of vivid colors. It’s something to behold. Along with that, the gardens are filled with exotic wildlife; especially birds. That’s not all, though. If you keep a keen eye, you’ll see some other unfamiliar sights. It’s not uncommon to find foxes and porcupines lurking around the corner.

For the Rambling Man

As you can see just by looking at the city, there is no shortage of mountains to climb. Off to one side is an entire range of them overlooking the waterside town. The Table Mountain, as it’s come to be known, is perhaps the most popular of all of them. Not only that, but it’s fast become the most visited tourist attraction in all of Cape Town. That’s why it’s essential that climbing it is added to any traveler’s checklist from the off. There are a number of different trails to choose from, so your ability doesn’t come into question. It’s worth the effort, though, as there is nothing quite like overlooking the city from the top of the Table Mountain.

A plate of spicy meat with tomatoes and rice.
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For the Foodie

Cape Town is a cornucopia of culinary options and none more so than at the V&A Waterfront. With over 300 shops, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance of each other, you’ll be sure to find something that hits the spot. From seafood joints to upmarket bistros, there really is something for everyone. One of the local favorites is OYO Eatery & Bar. Specializing in African-fusion cuisine, it combines flavors from all around the continent to create truly unforgettable dishes. Of course, no visit to Cape Town would be complete without a trip to Bo Kaap – an iconic neighborhood known for its bright and colorful homes. Here you can try some traditional Cape Malay dishes like curried fish cakes and koeksisters; truly delicious sweet treats.

Lights and music - there is a large party with people looking towards the stage.
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For the Party Goer

Cape Town’s nightlife scene has been alive and kicking since before anyone can remember. Whether it’s just drinks with friends or out on the town dancing until sunrise; Cape Town’s got it covered. The clubs in Long Street are among some of the most popular with revellers from near far coming together to party until their feet ache – expect top notch DJs spinning tunes till 4am in some places! If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing then perhaps a wine tour or craft beer tasting could be right up your street – there’s plenty of vineyards nearby offering tours and tastings throughout the day if you fancy a more relaxed evening out.

An offriad vehicle drives down a dirt road surrounded by tall grass and a setting sun.
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For the Thrill Seeker

If regular sightseeing isn’t enough for you then why not add some adrenalin into your itinerary? Just outside of Cape Town lies one of South Africa’s most popular adventure destinations: Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). Exploring this park offers an array of activities ranging from mountain biking trails, hiking routes through Granite Gorge, swimming at Silvermine Dam or even shark cage diving off Gansbaai beach! No matter what time constraints you have a TMNP offers something thrilling for everyone who loves outdoor activities – making it definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for excitement during your stay!

In conclusion, Cape Town is an amazing destination for any type of traveler. Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking to explore the Table Mountain National Park or just someone who wants to experience the city life and take in its culture; there are plenty of activities and attractions that will leave you with unforgettable memories. From incredible wildlife sightings at Kirstenbosch Gardens to unique culinary experiences at V&A Waterfront, no matter what type of traveler you are, you’ll find something special here. So don’t wait – come experience all that this beautiful South African city has to offer!

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