Things You Didn’t Know About Africa

Africa is the second largest continent on this great Earth, but very few of us know much about this place as perhaps we should. Most of us think of Africa as the natural home of some of the world’s greatest animals like lions and giraffe. It is also a continent that is home to a massive population of humans, estimated to be about 1.1 billion. Below are some more little-known facts about this vast land:

Geology – The largest canyon in the world is in Namibia. It is 100 miles long and about half a kilometer deep. The Fish River hiking trail, named after the canyon as it follows it’s path, is one of the most popular in Southern Africa. Open fires are not allowed, and there are no amenities along the trail whatsoever. That makes for a grueling trek for those seeking a survival challenge. The Sahara desert continues to take on more and more of the land. It is expanding at a very rapid rate of about 6 miles per year. This may cause ongoing problems for the area’s wildlife and human population for generations to come. The river Nile is the longest river in the world. It cuts through Cairo and Khartoum, and runs for a whopping 6.8km.

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Animals – Four of the fastest animals in the world live on the African continent. The cheetah can reach 70mph in short sprint bursts. Wildebeest, lions, and gazelles can all travel at up to 50mph. Africa still allows hunting of some of the world’s most dangerous animals including lions, rhinos, leopards, and elephants. South Africa has a penguin colony near The Cape, and Madagascar is home to the world’s largest and smallest chameleons.

People – Nigeria is home to 113 million people, and so is the most densely populated country in Africa. Soweto is home to the world’s biggest hospital. In Cameroon, you can hear 270 different languages being spoken. There are 250 different ethnic groups living there.

There are many reasons to visit Africa. It is rapidly becoming a business center of the world, as well as being the center of precious stones and incredible wildlife. There is little chance of becoming bored if you do take on this enormous continent! There are so many countries to visit, each with unique cultures and landscapes to discover. From Nigeria to the Seychelles, large or small, African countries offer a wealth of interest.

Africa also has a very rich history throughout its many lands. If you are planning on visiting one or more of the African countries, it may be a good idea to take on a local tour to explore these in depth.  Safari holidays tend to be the most popular choices for an African holiday. You have a very good chance of spotting some of the world’s most incredible animals in natural habitats.These holidays often help fund the preservation of rare and endangered species, as well as maintaining the raw beauty of the natural land.

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