The Top VR Games, Ranked

Virtual Reality presents us with an entirely new way to enjoy games. The best VR games, as outlined here, deserve your immediate attention, especially now that L.A. Noire is getting released for HTC Vive in November. If Rockstar Games is excited enough to start getting involved in VR, then it’s officially time for you to get your headset on and start enjoying the experience!

Developer interest isn’t exactly limited to just Rockstar Games, either, and there are top VR games available from numerous others, indie and triple-A studios alike. Gaming, online and mobile trends are changing, and VR is set to one of the hottest yet!

Arm Yourself for Arktika.1

This game is a VR shooter, and you are immersed in the apparently hopeless future year of 2120, where resources are sparse, and simple survival is almost impossible. Your role will be that of a mercenary, under contract to a company called Citadel Security, and your job is to defend a colony in what used to be Russia. The odds are stacked against you, but there is a range of weaponry at your disposal to help you get through.

Enter the World of Elite: Dangerous

This game is more than 30 years old, but the Elite franchise has not dated at all, thanks to David Braben, its creator, and his battle to get the license renewed.

Elite: Dangerous draws elements from the first game, in terms of trading, exploring, and engaging in battles inside an enormous, procedurally-generated world, but it is most definitely a game aimed at the players of the 21st century. It is even epitomised as such in its representations of our galaxy in the future.

Elite: Dangerous is massively-multiplayer, too, and you have simply never felt this connected! Brace yourself for an adrenalin rush every time!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes  was developed by Steel Crate Games, and it will require the full attention of between two and six players. One player’s job is to defuse a bomb, and the remaining gamers are in charge of providing crystal clear instructions on exactly how to go about doing this.

You and your peers will need to cooperate intensely in this fun game, so make sure your group contains the right type of people. It is even more enjoyable in Virtual Reality, with either an Oculus Rift headset or Samsung Gear VR, but remember that although a gamepad is optional within the latter equipment, your Oculus Rift will need to be paired with a controller in order to play.

Get Your Money’s Worth from These Games

From totally insane situations to the moments that move you, Virtual Reality is able to deliver experiences that even the finest console games on an enormous flat screen just cannot compete with. We appreciate that getting set up with the gear you need to enjoy these games is not a cheap mission, and that is why this article was written: you don’t need to spend money on games without knowing if they’re any good, and our rundown of what’s on offer ensures that you can experience the finest of what this exciting new technology has to offer!

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