The Way The World Is Moving Online

What was life like before the internet?  For this generation living without the internet is inconceivable.  It seems that everything we do today has some connection to the World Wide Web in some way. Digital users or millennials as they are known will never know what it is like to live without connectivity.  Although there are still some places, albeit very few, that do not have access to the internet, it is very difficult to imagine life without Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Google.

Access to Information

The world is now digital and everything we do is affected by the internet.  Research has been made so much easier with search engines like Google.  The internet is a great source of information and with the introduction of smartphones everybody can have access to research within a few seconds.  The internet is a wealth of information and has information on everything, from how to diet to how to put together a space rocket. Going online is now a popular pastime, but it also offers so many advantages.


Communication used to take days, weeks and even sometimes years, but with the internet users now have access to email, chat rooms and forums.  Social media has also changed the way people communicate and has allowed many people to find long lost friends or family members and allowed them to reconnect.

Shopping Online

Online shopping is big all around the world, and companies such as Amazon and eBay have been very successful in this area.  People are able to make purchases from across the world and receive it in a few days.  Online shopping is simple and all the information needed to make a purchase is available online.  Shoppers are also able to compare prices, there are sites that are especially designed to do this, so that they always get the best price.


Travelling has also changed thanks to the internet.  Travellers can now learn all there is to know about a particular destination before they have walked out of the door.  Plane tickets, tours and accommodation can all be booked well in advance using online booking sites.  Travellers may even want to take 3D virtual reality tour of a destination before going there.  With mobile devices travellers can find their way around using Google Maps, travel using Uber and find on the spot Airbnb accommodation.


When it comes to entertainment, the internet offers a wealth of things to do.  Movies and music can be streamed, live shows can be watched and with smart TV’s there is no compromising on the quality of entertainment.  Gaming has become big around the world and has become a hobby for many people.  The internet has made gaming much more interactive allowing players to connect with one another.  For casino game fans, it is no longer necessary to make the commute to enjoy casino games.  The internet has so many different games to choose from that it would be difficult not to find a game they enjoy.


Online banking has been a great innovation, no more long queues to wait in.  Almost everything nowadays can be done online and financial institutions continuously endeavour to make banking easy and more user friendly.

It is difficult to envision a life with internet, it has changed almost every facet of life and continues to grow, change and improve as new technologies are developed.

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