Make Easy Bets While Travelling

Make Easy Bets While Travelling



Now that it is easy to access the world of online sportsbooks anywhere in the world, particularly with smartphones and applications, we have started taking the ability to bet from wherever we are for granted. Unfortunately, this is not true, especially if you are travelling outside of your home country.

Gambling laws are by and large determined on a nation-by-nation basis, and this means the landscape is patchy in both Europe and the rest of the world. Quite often you will find that the bookmaker you have selected determines your access, as well.

Sportsbooks Licensed to Provide the Services They Do

Betting sites and online casinos that wish to begin operations in a particular territory must apply for a license to do so and meet the gambling laws within that country. NZ betting sites will need to meet certain criteria, for example, in order to legally provide you with the markets and odds they wish to.

One thing to do is find out whether your usual operator is available within the territory you wish to visit. The best option in most cases is to open an account with the bigger bookmakers, as these tend to have larger areas of cover worldwide.

You Might Need a New Account

Bear in mind that just because a certain bookmaker accepts accounts from a country you will be visiting does not mean that you will be able to interchange your account between the two areas. Always check before you travel by contacting customer support. This option takes moments to complete, and will save you lots of time and possible frustration.

At other times the bookmaker may well allow you to access your account from another country, but may have restrictions in place regarding the bet types or markets available, or on the sections you are used to accessing. Again, the best advice is to find out as much as you can before your travelling begins.

The Rules for Betting When Abroad

Unfortunately the rules which govern gambling across the world vary greatly, and this answer will depend on where you are travelling to. In general, however, there are five major market types for you to be aware of when it comes to betting overseas:

  1. License Unrestricted

In this type of market betting sites must have a license and adhere to gambling and tax laws.

  1. License Restricted

This encompasses differences in procedure, law and tax. You may only be able to access certain markets or sections of the site, and may not be applicable for some games and offers.

  1. Regulated

This is a bit of a grey area, in which countries do have gambling laws in place but do not license online operators directly. It is  your responsibility to check the laws with these sites.

  1. Unregulated

This is not necessarily as dodgy as it may sound. Unregulated markets make up those who operate in nations that do not have specific laws for online gaming. There may, however, be no recourse if something goes wrong.

  1. Illegal

Gambling here is either totally illegal, or so heavily restricted that betting is impossible. If you take the risk you may face a hefty fine and possibly worse, so it is never advised to put yourself in this kind of jeopardy.


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