Never Say Die With The Best Power Banks

Never Say Die With The Best Power Banks



The world is mobile and we literally carry our world around in our pockets. Smart phones and new age devices rely heavily on the batteries that are tucked into their ever-diminishing size. Without the battery, there is no life and without life in your device you are literally pitted against the elements, succumbing to the world at large.

Keep your device alive with a power bank that will inject a healthy dose of energy into the battery. These nifty gadgets are part of new age tech that allows you to extend the life of any given day. Batteries just can’t seem to handle the workload we place on our phones. With ever increasing demands on our mobile devices, the battery doesn’t last longer than a few hours.

Power banks change this, they are portable battery units that allow you to charge your phone or other sub devices on the go. The device requires no electricity and functions as a battery charging a battery. If you have ever needed an extra blast of power to keep up to date with NZ horse racing tips, access your emails or make more calls; keep reading about the following tech, which showcases the best power banks 2017.

Power Up With The Zendure A2 

The Zendure A2 May be slightly limiting with no lightning cable support and USB-C also out of the equation. But the A2 outperforms other power banks with its good looks, rugged casing and battery support.

The Zendure A2 is affordable and it has the capacity to charge you phone up to seven times. It’s simplicity and strict focus on charge and go is what sells the A2. What more could you possible want from a power bank?

Keep On Going With Anker PowerCore

The Anker PowerCore Speed 1000 QC doesn’t exactly beam light with nifty gadgets. It’s a power bank and a high speed affordable one at that.

If you’re looking for a straight up charge and go type power bank then the Anker PowerCore is a must have.

Lightning Fast Charging With The RavPower 

The RavPower Power Station Series 20100 mAh Portable Power Outlet is very similar to the Omni Charge. This device does however lack an LCD screen and is much more bulky and cumbersome.

The RavPower does however offer iOS and Android users robust flexibility with intense charging speeds for a lightning fast charge and go lifestyle. It is on the pricey side, but well worth it.

Keep It Light With The CHJGD

Small, sleek, colorful, powerful and ultra portable, the CHJGD Ultra Compact Power Bank is a bulldog inspired power bank that can slip into your bag for extreme travel days.

Featuring adequate powering up time and useful portability the CHJGD is the perfect partner for fast paced living. It’s got an affordable price tag and gets the job done each time.

Moshi Ion SLIM 5K

Its minimalist design, sleek good looks and ultra compact portability make the IonSlim an attractive power bank for fashion conscious gadget collectors.

At the end of the day the IonSlim is just a 5.150mAh battery.  It will get the job done but you need to decide whether the price justifies this piece of kit.


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