See Africa through the Eyes of a King

See Africa through the Eyes of a King



Few things can feel more wonderful than giving the gift of a lifetime to your parents or spouse.  Giving the gift of travel is always an extraordinary way to broaden one’s horizons, deepen cultural awareness and understanding, and take in the sights of the natural world.  Few things can help you tick off all these boxes like a trip to the African continent.  For some people, a trip to Africa is a trip to the Motherland, and they go in search of their heritage.  There are many dna test kits available today that can link you back to your ancestral roots.  When many people of African descent find out they are from the Akan tribe in Ghana, for example, they start making plans right away to visit the country.  Learning all they can about the ways of their people can lead to some fascinating discoveries.   One way to learn about this ancient tribe is to take courses from Udemy  before going so they can build on basic knowledge of the food, music or principles of the Akan people.

Africa is the second largest continent on the planet.  What’s for certain is that no matter where you go, an incredible adventure awaits.  Millions have traveled to see the migration of animals in East Africa, or to see Table Mountain in South Africa.  And the lure of Morocco in northern Africa still draws visitors by the millions each year.  Whether you long to see the Cape and imagine your relatives sailing around the tip 150 years ago before other modes of travel were made possible, or want to volunteer in a village that needs clean water, there are a million reasons to travel to Africa.  If you long to journey to West Africa and learn the living principles of the Akan and the Adinkra symbols, follow the rhythms of the master drummers or just imagine the shrine where Fela and Egypt 80 packed the house in Lagos, Nigeria, you should start with a course from Udemy.  They have African drumming classes, cooking classes and classes on modern African principles, and if you act now, you can take a class for $10 when you enter a Groupon code at checkout.

If you plan to give the gift of travel to yourself or someone on your list this year, let the trip begin with a course from Udemy.


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