How VR is Changing the World

How VR is Changing the World



When the term Virtual Reality (VR) is mentioned most people will reply with extreme excitement and will know exactly what it’s all about, while some will see VR as only something computer geeks will want.

How VR has Evolved

VR first became known in 1980 and 1990 when Virtual Boy from Nintendo and different arcade type systems came to the forefront and gave people an idea of what VR would look like.  It also inspired many books, movies and music videos.  Today, however VR is a far cry from the past systems and they are much more capable, immersive and even more affordable.

VR systems such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift also allow users to use gestures in their virtual world and also monitor their movements through the space.  VR can be expensive, but even now is coming down in price because of new technologies such as Oculus asynchronous spacewarp.  VR will also be available to more people through Samsung Gear VR which works with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and is not as costly.  Although the functionality of this is limited as it only detects head movements it is still a great VR system to have.  Google has something similar, the Daydream View.

Not Only for Gaming

The first group of people to embrace VR have been the gaming community and the number of VR games continues to grow, with the potential for VR Aristocrat online pokies in the pipeline too.  The largest growth has come from Oculus and with their latest release of new controllers for the Oculus Rift and with it new game bundles have been offered.  The Gear VR also has a good range of games and Google Daydream is catching up.

Not only is VR big in the gaming community but media companies are also using it to produce news and documentaries.  VR has also grown in the area of filmmaking and has been featured at Cannes, Tribeca and Sundance.  Even art can use VR technology with developments like Quill, Tilt Brush and Medium which make use of 3D tools and allow artists to create VR worlds through their art.

Useful Medium

VR is being used in other areas such as those who have a fear of public speaking.  VR allows for a safe environment where these people can be exposed to a situation which provides a safe arena for them to use and helps combat anxieties and fears from this phobia.  In other parts of healthcare VR is also being considered as a surgical training tool and for pain management.  VR could potentially be used for other educational opportunities as it can be used for very real storytelling and for explaining difficult visual concepts.

VR is Big Business

Large companies are also supporting the use of VR and this aspect of VR is set to create huge revenue.  In 2014 Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion.  Google and Sony have also made inroads in this area of technology and this has made VR big business.  Many companies are also using VR as a branding tool which allows consumer to try out things in an immersive world before buying them.  VR has also been adopted by big well-known brands such as Ikea, Myer, GM and Audi.

VR is becoming a useful tool in all areas and its benefits can be seen in all spheres to create a virtual world where its uses are beyond anyone’s imagination.


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