How to bring the feel of Africa into your home

Have you ever imagined going on an African safari? Do you dream of going on a bush walk and seeing exotic wildlife, such as lions, crocodiles, giraffes, and elephants? Maybe you’ll wear cargo pants and a cool safari hat?

Why not bring the ambience of a safari into your home? Create the atmosphere of Africa with the colours, patterns and textures of a safari. You will be amazed at how easily you can meld an African safari look into your decorating scheme.


Use earthy colours such as tan, beige, khaki, green, orange, gold, and brown combined with pops of deep blue, especially on walls and other surfaces. Jungle camouflage colours are stunning for bathroom and kitchen tiles, while colours such as dark red, light green and khaki make a room feel warm and natural.

If you prefer a more sophisticated look, you can use monochrome in black and white to create your safari atmosphere.


An assortment of materials and textures in various rooms can be used to suggest the vastness and diversity of the African landscape. Use native materials, such as wood, clay, leather, and rattan whenever possible. These natural substances will impart a measure of rustic authenticity to your décor.

Wood is especially important since woodcarving is an integral part of many tribal traditions.

High quality wooden shutters will carry through the natural look on your windows. Practical and fashionable, internal wooden shutters are an imminently wise choice. As well as keeping you cool in hot weather and helping to maintain warmth in cold weather, they bring a great feel of an African safari lodge into your home.

Try a Jade Plant

The jade plant is native to South Africa, but survives well as a house plant in a cooler climate. Jade plants need very little moisture because they store water in their leaves and stems, rather than soil.


An animal print rug with soft, understated colours is a good choice for the bathroom, while a zebra, tiger, or giraffe rug can extend the safari theme into a child’s bedroom.

Wall Art

Decorate a wall with African masks, paintings, or woven baskets.  Accenting with a few pieces of authentic tribal art will tie your African scheme together.


  • Try some eye-popping wallpaper, in geometric patterns.
  • Use geometric designs in vivid hues.
  • Hang one or two pictures or photos on your walls. Look for images of African animals, landscapes, designs or people. Wooden frames will set off the pictures and play up the natural feel.
  • Use bold fabrics with zigzags and stripes, animal prints. Exotic finishes such as pearls and rhinestones radiate drama.

The greatest thing about safari décor is that the necessary components are relatively easy to find. You may already have many of the right colours in your home.

Even if you never get to Kenya or Botswana, you can portray the African ambience in your home and create a unique style all your own. If you ever do make it, check out the top 6 things to keep in mind before you go:

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