Top Four Hunting Countries Located In Africa

For over a century, Africa has been the dream destination for many hunters. The idea of venturing into remote areas in search of exotic, unusual game has fascinated hunters worldwide for years.

The continent is home to a diversified variety of game, from tiny suni and dik-dik antelope to the giants like elephant, rhino, and hippo, making it the perfect destination for any hunter looking to load up their gun and begin the hunt.

Here are the top four countries Africa has to offer for hunters of all types:

1. Botswana

Though other African countries have closed their doors to sport hunting, Botswana relies heavily on it to finance their wildlife conservation initiatives. Since safari hunting generates more than $20 million annually in Botswana, more than 1,000 jobs are created as well, which helps to maintain the economy.

Botswana is known for having elephant, lion, buffalo, and leopard. This type of game falls into the dangerous hunting category, which makes the area rather expensive for hunting. For hunters looking for less danger without sacrificing adventure, check out the game ranches in the Kalahari Desert.

2. Namibia

Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia is one of the continent’s best safari destinations. Safe, reliable, and relatively unpopulated, this large, dry country is a favorite destination of most American and European sport hunters.

This area is perfect for first-time safari hunters, for it is full of animal varieties to hunt that are low-danger. However, for the seasoned hunter, this country offers the 60-inch kudu, which is an elusive, shy antelope that is difficult to hunt.

3. Mozambique

After years of civil war, Mozambique is returning to its former glory as a safari-hunting destination. Because of several areas where game was spared throughout the time of the civil conflict, Mozambique is now a very popular safari destination, and it is continuing to grow as a destination location each year.

The country has plenty of buffalo, sable, kudu, waterbuck, and nyala ready to be hunted. The best for hunters is the flood-plain buffalo, for they are a well-populated species located all over the country. But, be sure to bring your rain gear, for Mozambique is known for its long, wet days and swampy terrain.

4. South Africa

An enormous country, South Africa has a huge variety of game, including all of the Big Five: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino. Hunters can search for game in the hills of Zululand near the Indian Ocean, the open plains of the Western Cape along the Atlantic, or any point in between. Because of the diversity of the area, it is the perfect destination for hunting levels, as well as a perfect area to vacation in luxury lodges, take scenic safaris, and relax while fishing.

As it is the most popular destination, hunting for the Big Five is more expensive while plains game safaris are reasonably priced.

Kick up your sport a notch by traveling to the exotic lands of Africa where you can hunt some of the biggest and most beautiful species. No matter the kind of safari hunt you’re after, Africa will have something to offer. From dangerous game hunting in Botswana to low-danger game in Namibia, there is a safari hunt for everyone in this majestic continent. And with its increasing popularity as a destination location, now more than ever is the perfect time to start planning your African adventure. So get ready, pack your bags, and go on the hunt of a lifetime!

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