Your Trip Wont Be Complete Without Visiting This Top South Africa Hotels

Everyone one wants to visit different places and South Africa is one of the most travelled places of all time because of its enchanting nature beauty, with different adventures to choose from such as road trip with safaris, extreme adventures and stunning wildlife scenery.   With all these extreme adventure to offer on a journey, who wouldn’t want to visit South Africa?

After having a very long trip and enjoying adventures, all you want to do next is to relax at your hotels. Well make sure to book at South Africa’s finest hotels and rest assured that your expectations will be meet.

The Oyster Box

Known as the best luxury hotel and spa in Africa and winning the world luxury hotel award in two consecutive years (2011-2012) surely this hotel is top notch.  The hotel is located near sea side giving you magnificent view of the ocean and a fresh air to breath which makes it so romantic for couples.  Oyster box is also located near to a famous golf course where you can play, after you enjoy and getting tired playing take their spa service which is truly relaxing.  Although, this is not the cheapest hotel to book from, but with the overall quality and excellent services of their hotel, surely it’s worth paying for.

One&Only Cape Town

One of the finest and lovely hotels One & Only Cape Town hotel is located in a dynamic and fascinating city. With breathe taking views of Table Mountain (Image above), 3 of the best restaurant to choose from, bars, boutiques, award winning spa, children’s center and fully equipped gym this will make you don’t want to leave the hotel.  You also have an option to stay either on the island or in the Marina rise area, either way both have captivating view.

The Palazzo Montecasino

This is the most different hotels among the list because with the look of an old style Mediterranean glamour making the hotel ambience so lovely without compromising its modern luxury living, Plazzo Montecasio is surely a top choice to stay with.  The hotel is located in the upmarket suburb of Johannesburg a 20 minutes ride from South Africa’s main business hub. Their amenities also include free high-speed Wi-Fi which is good for business purposes.  To top it all, the hotel has a casino wherein you can dine and play, making this place perfect for casino lovers.

South Africa is known for its alluring beauty of all the African countries, South Africa is the most modern but still able to maintains its current natural beauty and their government has done well taking care and preserving hundreds of endangered wild life animals which attracts tourist. What most travelers don’t know is aside from these adventures there are also different 5 star hotels for relaxation and leisure. Well, make just make sure to visit these top hotels for you to enjoy and make most out of your vacation in South Africa.

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